“As a lawyer, I know the importance of retaining an attorney who cares about the client and focuses attention on the case. I referred my family to David when my nephew was tragically killed in a motorcycle collision. David understood my nephew’s death was a terrible tragedy for our family and friends. He explained Montana law in a simple and accurate manner. He and his staff worked diligently to investigate the facts for us. He retained qualified and persuasive experts to prove our case. David’s advocacy skills helped us recover the limits of available insurance coverage. He represented us in an honest and compassionate manner, which helped my family cope with the tragedy. I can recommend David for people looking for a personal injury attorney in Montana.”
– Angelika Kuehn, J.D.

“I have known David for several years. My wife, Rosemary, and I trusted David as a lawyer and friend. When Rosemary died, several insurance companies refused to pay the benefits they promised us despite the fact we paid the premiums faithfully for over 30 years. I wrote to the insurance companies, but they gave me many excuses why they did not need to pay any benefits. I did not know what to do. I asked David to help me. In the end, David collected the full amount owed by each and every insurance company. As a result, I was able to use the money to bless others in memory of my beloved, Rosemary. I would recommend David as a lawyer.”
– D. James Fitzhugh

“My family and I hired David to help us when I suffered a serious injury. I initially tried to resolve the legal and medical problems myself, but I soon discovered the futility of arguing with insurance companies. They gave me an endless supply of excuses and refused to help me. When we hired David, he sat down with us and answered our questions. Based on David’s experience, he also warned us about the future problems we could experience as a result of my injuries. David and his staff collected the facts from my doctors, employer, and family. They worked with experts to prove our case and forced the insurance companies to acknowledge the truth. Thanks to David and his staff’s efforts, my family and I recovered the money we needed to help restore our lives. I am glad we retained David and would recommend his team to anyone.”
– Brian Krings

“My Dad started our Montana business in 1973. The roots of our company stem from heavy agricultural processing projects. Over the years, our company evolved and now we build a vast array of industrial and agricultural processing systems all over the United States. ASI retained David to help us when our insurance company refused to pay the benefits it promised us. He solved the problems and achieved a good result for our company. Based on his work, we now call him for legal advice. We can recommend him to anyone who needs help solving difficult legal problems.”
– Matthew Hamlin

“My Dad is a former district court judge. I grew up watching my Dad and other lawyers. I know how a good attorney can make the difference in a case. When I was the victim of an unscrupulous businessman and uncooperative insurance companies, David fought for me and my business in both Colorado and Montana. His skills as [an] attorney saved both me and my business from financial ruin. I recommend him to anyone.”
– Steve Wilson

“I contacted David when I was injured in a car crash.  I had no idea what to do, but David took care of everything.  He fought for me, got my medical bills paid and resolved my case in a way that I could start over with my life.  I highly recommend him.
– Dawn Martinez