Personal Injury

Always unfortunate and never expected, personal injuries can completely destroy a person’s life. Perhaps you slipped and fell while out shopping because the store owner failed to follow safety procedures, or perhaps you were injured in a car crash because of a negligent driver.  Regardless, suffering a personal injury can lead to a stressful, confusing legal process just to seek compensation for your lost earnings, medical costs, or damaged property.  We can help you through that process.

Our team of personal injury lawyers understands the many challenges facing personal injury victims. Dealing with professional claims adjusters and insurance companies is very frustrating, especially when you’ve just suffered a serious injury.  Please understand that insurance adjusters work for the insurance company and not for you. We will be an ally during the legal process, working diligently to understand your case, answer your questions, and help you recover the money necessary to bring your life back to normal. If you suffered a serious accident and need a personal injury lawyer, please contact us.

“I can recommend David for people looking for a personal injury attorney in Montana.”
– Angelika Kuehn, J.D.