Automobile Accidents

Most people in Montana drive personal vehicles as their primary means of transportation.  As Montanans, we give little thought to driving hundreds of miles to enjoy our beautiful state and its people. Unfortunately, people on Montana roads sometimes suffer vehicle crashes. If you suffered a car accident, you need to understand your rights and the duties of insurance companies under Montana Law. After a car crash, our lawyers can help protect your rights, explain the duties of the insurance company, and most importantly, we can work to recover the money necessary to help you.

We also have years of experience with personal injury cases, so if you were injured in a car crash due to negligence of another driver, our legal team can help.

“My family and I hired David to help us when I suffered a serious injury. I initially tried to resolve the legal and medical problems myself, but I soon discovered the futility of arguing with insurance companies. Thanks to David and his staff’s efforts, my family and I recovered the money we needed to help restore our lives. I am glad we retained David and would recommend his team to anyone.”
– Brian Krings